Concrete Paving

Steve Harris Construction is an industry leader when it comes to concrete paving. We are always looking for better and more efficient methods of the paving process and perfecting it. Mainline Slip-form paving up to 38-ft wide as well as slip-form curb and gutter and flat work are the services we specialize in. We begin by ensuring the grade is uniform and consistent, and that all pavement thickness and smoothness. This is the key to making a road, a highway, a parking lot or any other paving projects last as long as possible. There is no other company who can ensure the longevity of their projects like we can.

Structural Concrete

Whether it’s a concrete foundation, walls, grade beams or any other project requiring a cast-in-place system, our experts will engineer and design a system perfect for your application. We have decades of experience in doing multi-million dollar structural concrete projects under our belt.


The key to any project is grading. Ensuring a solid, consistent base ensures a solid project. When grading is improperly engineered, it is inevitably going to create problems with the structure and surrounding property. Our use of state of the art machinery and equipment, such as Trimble GPS/Total Station Control and superior grading machinery, such as Cat Dozers, we are just taking that extra care to ensure structural longevity.


Our General Contracting services mean we can manage not only our part of your project but many other parts of your project as well. We are able to manage those in charge of other aspects of the project and coordinate with them to make sure everyone is working with everyone else to ensure budgets and time frames are all kept consistent and accurate.


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